Thunder Mama

Thunder Mama

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A Hekate-based suffumigate, this wonderful blend includes Hekate Ritual offertory herbs. Hand selected- and hand grown or wild crafted wherever possible- these herbs were offered in Ritual by The Caravan's in-house Sorceress, and they were directed back for this incense by The Goddess Herself. Hail! 

Note that this is one of many Empress Elixir fumes that is corked & triple hand-sealed by The Caravan's Sorceress with Canadian beeswax plus dusted in correspondence. And it may also interest you to know that it's named after the Sorceress's Mother, a Thunder Goddess from way back!

Photo accessories not included.

100% of the proceeds of the sale of this product go to local women’s & children’s charities & shelters. In fact, the proceeds of all Hekatean products at The Caravan do.