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Usually sold only in person*, this is the quintessential fume for Samhain, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day + any Deep Ancestor or necro-based Work. Spoon onto a charcoal, Incant & wait.

*Warning: do not touch with bare skin nor directly breath the burning fumes of this product. Keep away from children & pets.

Clients Testimonials: "I've never used a necromancy incense as powerful as this."

"...wow, is this stuff amazing for ancestor work!"

“I was at a Supper of Silence on Samhain and the hostess was using all Empress Elixir Incenses. I don’t remember all of the names of all of them but I do remember that there was The Ancestors, My Burning Sol and RISE. Around the time RISE and Ancestors were used, the music stopped all on its own for quite a few seconds and one of the participants felt something touch her on the arm and back. She said it was her grandmother. I had a flood of visions of my own family going back to the French revolution. There were many stories that night of what people experienced. Your products are really, really strong!”

Photo accessories not included.