Deep Reversal Oil - aka Deep Reversing Oil

Deep Reversal Oil - aka Deep Reversing Oil

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An extremely powerful Strega-based formula that Clients report much appreciation of in many situations. The success stories flow in regularly. This potion originally came in Regular or Deep, but The Sorceress now only makes Deep Strength. For anointing Candles & other Ritual tools or your Body Temple (head to toe). Another excellent use is clearing & sigilizing any "portal" areas in your space. Use before any Ritual or "Situation". It's exceptional on the hands before a Divination & Tarot readers have a special fondness for this Anointment.

Like all Empress Elixir Anointments, this product is hand blended or infused (in this case infused), made in small batches, timed, Enchanted & comes in 2+ ml bottles. Please note that Sacred Offertory Herbs are used in this product.

Photo accessories not included.

Client's testimonials: "Last night I used the Reversing Oil you made on a chronic and ancient problem. The situation is gone completely this morning!! That stuff is powerful."

"This made going to work bearable."