My Burning Sol

My Burning Sol

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 A Client's recent report on this Empress Elixir formula said, " of the most purifying, invigorating & powerful incenses I've ever used!" The Energy in a room shifts immediately when it's burned. An expensive resinous blend, made only with select solar & lunar ingredients, this hand-rolled incense starts nearly every Caravan pre-carve Ritual. (Only the Rituals that aren't served by these herbs & resins are exempt.) One of The Caravan's many grimoire-based formulas (in this case Agrippa-based), this one must be prepared "just so" & then cured for several days before it will even succumb to being rolled. But ohhhh when it does! Excellent for attuning to work with Michael. Sold by the orb, or in a container of 11.

The Sorceress shares this about enhancing the use of this product: Take the orb into your hand & roll it while stating or meditation on the Intention of your Ritual. Do this until you feel some warmth & a shift. Then press the ball to slightly flatten. This allows it to sit upon the charcoal easier.

Coming soon! A limited edition of My Burning Sol - The Sorceress' Private Stock + now available: My Burning Sol Water of Fire!

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