Crown of Success Oil
Crown of Success Oil

Crown of Success Oil

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This in house infusion is the winking twin to The Caravan's wildly successful Crown of Success Incense. Traditionally used for performers, Empress Elixirs' version is for everyone. Anoint all tools, your own Candles (if they aren't Caravan Candles which are already Anointed), your car, your house & your Body Temple. Comes in those 2 ml bottles that everyone loves (those bottles seem to hold anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 ml's & suppliers refuse to nail this down so apologies for the ambiguity). On occasion The Creatrix dispenses this fantastic formula in 3 ml bottles. (Which seem to hold anywhere from 2.8-3.8 ml's. Go figure...:)) As of spring 2021, for the sake of ease, these sizes are listed as Small & Medium.

*Update! A new batch was Called for on the Feast of Jupiter, Nov. 26/20. While astrological elections are wild for this whole year, this batch was decreed by the Whispers & flowed with a flourish. It contains 3 very, very rare versions of one particular green-blood & The Mother bottle immediately proclaimed, "Strength." Steeping will occur for 4-8 months (the Whispers again ;)) so the Sorceress will keep you posted. Watch for it; it will surely be worth the wait!

**Further update!! AND another batch was called for Dec. 24/20, Day & Hour of Jupiter. This is a first, to have two batches called for so close to each other! It bodes well for the coming year!

Photo accessories not included.

A Client's Testimonial about this oil (+ The Ancestors Incense):

"Good evening Sister Salem,

I just finally got around to burning the ancestry fume and wow!!! You feel it immediately, I am so glad that our paths have crossed. Thank you. 
I’ll be honest like 110% first couple times I saw you I was skeptical (I’m not lying) because it’s so hard to find someone that’s genuine about their craft but I’ll tell you this much you are the real deal! I am so glad that we have met and I cannot stop saying that because it is true. So I tell you this sister Salem you have got yourself a forever client because wow your heart & soul definitely goes into what your craft.  I also carry around strangely enough the crown of success oil in my left jacket pocket and I feel successful (even though I’m still working on it) but I feel one manifesting in the abundance of the crown of success. 

While burning the ancestry fuse I also dropped a few oil drops of C.o.S. Again thank you again for crossing my path. 

Much obliged..."