The Tale of The Caravan

“Lighting a candle is no small thing. It is a bold act of Intention.” – Soror C.U.V.

The Caravan's motto is "Working With Illumination". Offering unique & one-of-a-kind carved Candles, Suffumigates & Anointments for all of your Ceremonial and Ritual needs, The Caravan's Creatrix strives to maintain the highest standard possible in all Works & Materials, with a commitment to growth, study & learning ever in service to The Caravan's Clientele. The ideas emerge in meditation, trance or Ritual, always guided by Inner Voice. The Candles are then Carved in further trance &/or Ritual in accordance with as much planetary timing as possible. They are Created for your Rituals or to enhance a Ceremonial Life, as it's The Caravan's underlying belief that we need more mindful ceremony in our daily living. Yet many Clients simply use them for aesthetic enjoyment. The Candles direct the Carve & it often feels like they are unfolding or directing it right before The Creatrix's eyes. Custom Carves are available. Discretion is maintained at all times. Most Carves are 100% beeswax; paraffin is available at Clients' requests & in 2018, The First Light Series (natural coloured beeswax) & The Dark Light Series (black beeswax) both emerged; in-house, Sorceress-poured Divinatory Candles.

The Candles are Enchanted, Suffumigated & Anointed almost exclusively with Empress Elixirs - The Caravan's in-house Incenses & Anointments. All Empress Elixir formulas are made only in small batches (using wildcrafted ingredients wherever possible). The most powerful of these formulas are grimoire-based. Be it Anointment, Suffumigate or Incense, they are all Knowledge-based, & successfully used by Sorceresses, Mages, Ceremonial Magician's, WOTC's, those who simply use Intention while crafting their lives, as well as people who just enjoy the scent or vibe of the potion. Be it pure Pagan Delight, the Everyday Joy of Life, Theurgy, Thaumaturgy, a Handfasting, a Wedding, a Birth, a Blessing, an Initiation, etc., there’s a Candle or Accoutrement that will empower your Focus & Intention. It may be noteworthy to some that each Caravan Candle is sometimes Enchanted several times to further deepen Clients' Intentions.

Salem Jones, The Caravan's Sorceress & Creatrix is a Priestess & lifelong student of many streams of Magick.

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