Enchantment Kits

The Caravan's Exclusive Enchantment Kit! *EVERYTHING** you need for a simple yet Powerful Ritual is included, including instructions. Eleven components in all and each component of the kit is specific & consecrated to the Working at hand; that is the oils, herbs, minerals, colours, etc. used, all correspond for your Success. You can literally take this out of the package, turn around and do Magick on-the-spot. Comes with access to one free consultation to The Sorceress, should you wish.

*You won't find a kit this complete anywhere, nor will you find one with Hand-Carved, Enchanted, and Anointed 7-day notched 100% beeswax Candles, let alone sorceress-made grimoiric incense & dusting powders. Clients who are brand new to trying their hand at Magick report loving them, and so do long term practitioners who are on the run, traveling or just appreciate the Knowledge-based ease that a Caravan Enchantment Kit gives them.
**Mail order kits: Modified for mail order due to Class 4 Flammable Goods regulations.

Current kits available are:
-Gratititude=Abundance (This Ritual concept is how The Caravan rolls on prosperity. Vigil Candles in this theme are also available.)
-Jump Up & Kiss Myself (to celebrate self, increase self-love, practice self-care)
-Bring It! (to call forth that which you're ready to manifest)
-Magickal Meditation
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