Empress Elixirs' Incense, Suffumigates & Dusts

The Caravan's in-house potions, Empress Elixirs™ Suffumigates & Dusts (including dusts for our Sacred Bodies). Planetary correspondences are observed as much as possible, so look for Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol (The Sun), Venus, Mercury & Luna (The Moon) products. They're held at the appropriate times, in the appropriate space for at least one lunar cycle, but usually for the number of cycles corresponding to the associations. Please note: These incenses & suffumigates are either celestial or chthonic, created to deepen Ritual, not to freshen the bathroom. (Though some could. But these aren't your Auntie's 1980's perfumed incenses.) Some of the scents are quite pleasant; others are far different and may seem unusual to new practitioners. Regardless, they underscore & uplift Intention very well. Use for formal Workings or the simple Ceremony of starting or ending your day. Clients report a myriad of Success & Joy from burning an Empress Elixir fume & wearing or laying an EE Dust.

A Testimonial about Empress Elixirs' products:

"Sometimes it is difficult to find the words without sounding banal or trite. A gifted creatrix my good sister Salem is; with the utmost integrity and reverence for the magick of the formulations she is inspired to bring to life. At my first incense testing the Element 13 brought tears to my eyes from the serene beauty of it and where it took me; memories forever buried in the soul...Just a glimpse. Most recently I had the pleasure of hosting an incense tasting for my class. Before we started the energy was like no other and I could feel the deep magick that had been brewed in my bones. Rich, like deep velvet and smooth...like a very good chocolate. As connected and grounded as I am "This Is My Will" was an absolutely powerful concoction that really took me by surprise with an instant connection to spirit and the possibilities that awaited. Past purchases and uses include "Crown of Success", "Temple Dust for Sacred Bodies", another of my favourites - used in conjunction with "Glory Oil" when I need a reminder of who I really am and when I have the need to feel more open, loving and available to love. Thinking or drawn to a custom carved candle? DO IT! There is definite magick. In every offering The Caravan sets in motion. Serious practitioners will get it...as it should be. Hail and Bright Blessings."

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