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Custom Carving is The Caravan's specialty. All life occasions can be celebrated and ceremonial, and nothing expresses this like the lighting of a specially prepared Candle. With the motto of, “Working with Illumination”, you can count on the fact that the highest possible standards will be maintained at all times in all aspects of the Ritual of the Carve- materials, timing, Enchantment and Intention. The Candles shown in this section are a few of The Caravan's Custom Carves & are presented with Clients' permission. Custom carving is a long & wonderful process & in the beginning there is much co-creation between Creatrix & Client. Many Thanks to the Clients who have allowed pictures of their Candles to be displayed; most Custom Carves are completely private.

Please note that the Candles pictured here are for demonstration purposes only & are not for sale, hence the prices listed as $0.00. Contact The Caravan to order a Custom Carve.

One Client's Custom Carve Testimonial:


Nearly two years ago I came to you for my first custom candle to work with me and my ritual. I was hoping for a love candle but after our open and honest discussion and feeling things out- I left with 'The Sword of One.' A beautiful white wax with a golden blade carved into it. A candle that radiated strength, glory and independence. I burned it for months while doing some deep (solo) inner work and then I came back, feeling like a new person!

This gorgeous, royal purple, love candle pictured here has almost finished its work It was a custom carve and you really listened to what I was looking to embody and attract. Carved during a solar eclipse with samadhi, surrender, serenity and sanctuary in mind and heart. This candle pulled me many different directions this year when it came to love but I always kept my intentions close to my heart and had faith in the energies we had chosen to work with.

I am so happy to tell you, that for the first time in years, I am in a loving and healthy romantic relationship! It's the most wonderful one that I have ever experienced. I know it's because I have done the work. Because I have shone light in dark places. Because I have been open and honest about my feelings and the process. But I am truly convinced that your candle was my most powerful physical tool, an invaluable part of my self love ritual and reflection work. Thank you so much for the attention to detail and your incredible insight. It shows, it glows! This candle was so rich, so full of depth, so revealing, so sensual. I'm hooked, I'll be back soon!"

All Caravan products are sold only as curios with no claims are made. Remember to always Act in Accordance.

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